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CASE OF 12 La Republica Organic Mushroom Coffee Jars

Stock up and save! Purchase a case of 12 containers of our delicious instant mushroom coffee.

La Republica Organic Fair-Trade Coffee w/ 7 adaptogenic mushroom extracts will transform your morning coffee ritual. Just add hot water for a deep, rich, chocolaty coffee that will give you focus (lion’s mane), clean energy (chaga) and a calm intensity (reishi). It is a great Pre-Workout or Post Workout as it helps your adrenals adapt to stress. The other benefits are too numerous to mention. 

Made and ships in Los Angeles. 

*Dairy-Free *Diabetic *Dye Free *Egg Free *Fair-Trade *Fat-Free *Gluten-Free *GMO-Free *NO Mycelium, grains or fillers ever!

Ships from Los Angeles.