Why we're hated by Ryze & MUD/WTR, but loved by 4450+ customers…

Nobody likes coffee that tastes like mushrooms.

Rumor says there's only one company that delivers energy & focus without sacrificing taste.

Here's what thousands of people are saying about it:

If you're wondering - does it taste like mushrooms? NO! That's what shocked me at the first sample cup I drank. It just tastes like a well balanced rich delectable cup of coffee.

See, there's a reason why La Republica tastes like smooth caramel, and gives hints of chocolate cherry.

Because every bean in our coffee is USDA-certified, and every mushroom is sourced from organic heritage farms.

And here are 5 others why Ryze & MUD/WTR would probably hate us:

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1. Delivering superiors level of sharp focus and sustainable energy

We're able to enhance the effect of the mushrooms by using whole fruiting bodies.

“What's inside that Reserve coffee OMG! no caffeine but I'm XTRA ALIVE.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Tomer K

Sharp focus is not enough. Our standard is timeless focus where you forget about hunger, time, and drift into a state where it's just you and your task.


2. Afternoon spike

Our 7-mushroom blend is extracted for hyper-potency, which helps it deliver an afternoon spike. We turned 1 pm into our customer's most productive time.

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3. Addiction-inducing

Be advised our coffee has a big downside:

I've become an addict for this stuff, seriously! We ran out once it wasn't pretty ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Manuel D.

43% of our customers to say the Reserve coffee is "addictive”
It gives a taste of bold caramel and chocolate cherry.


4. Affordable

At just $0.90 per cup, our Reserve is among the most cost-effective coffee alternatives.