5 Reasons Why 4,550+ people ditched their mushroom coffee for La Republica

We hated drinking coffee that tasted like mushrooms, but wanted the energy to stay productive, especially when working long hours. We created a solution, which thousands of people are calling: 

The world's boldest mushroom coffee, that actually richer than regular coffeee

Thanks to our harvesting techniques, we're able to deliver sharp focus and all-day energy,

But without giving a taste of earthy mushrooms.

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1. Superior level of sharp focus and sustainable energy

We're able to enhance the effect of the mushrooms by using whole fruiting bodies.

It's like taking the Limitless Pill, but just 2.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Tomer K

Sharp focus is not enough. Our standard is timeless focus where you forget about hunger, time, and drift into a state where it's just you and your task.


2. Afternoon spike

Our hyper-potent blend is designed to deliver an afternoon spike. Because skipping the afternoon jitters is basic. 1 pm became our customer's most productive time of their day.

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3. Addiction-inducing

Be advised our coffee has a big downside:

I've become an addict for this stuff, seriously! We ran out once it wasn't pretty ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Manuel D.

See, La Republica is rumored to taste like a rich, well-balanced cup of coffee. It gives light notes of creamy chocolate getting 43% of our customers to say it's  "addictive".


4. Affordable

At just $1 per cup, La Republica is among the most cost-effective coffee alternatives.

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5. Extra layer of immune boost

In addition to immunity, our sourcing methods help extract even more health benefits from the mushrooms including Nerval and Adrenal support.