La Republica: the first instant mushroom coffee company in America:

Our journey into the realm of mushroom coffee began with a shared passion for holistic well-being and a desire to introduce something unique and beneficial to the world of beverages. As health-conscious friends and avid coffee enthusiasts, we recognized the potential to combine two seemingly distinct worlds – the invigorating allure of coffee and the incredible health benefits of adaptogenic mushrooms. This fusion wasn't just about crafting a trendy product, but rather a genuine commitment to offering a natural and functional beverage that could enhance people's lives in a profound way.

The idea of starting our mushroom coffee company was fueled by our own experiences as songwriters, We used adaptogenic mushrooms for the profound positive impact on focus and cognition while writing. Back then the only brand of mushroom coffee was Four Sigmatic, and we really disliked the taste of the coffee, but loved the Lion’s Mane brain boost. So we decided to make our own adding more mushrooms and blending with delicious premium arabica coffee. We believed that infusing these potent mushrooms into the beloved ritual of coffee consumption could introduce a refreshing and health-conscious alternative to the corporate coffee market.

Moreover, our passion extended beyond just the product – we were captivated by the concept of educating people about the benefits of these mushrooms and empowering them to make informed choices for their health. Our mushroom coffee company became not just a business venture, but a platform to foster a community of individuals who sought a harmonious balance between their love for coffee and their quest for wellness.



Mark Merthe is one of the founders of La Republica Coffee. He’s an entrepreneur and published songwriter in Los Angeles. He is also a coffee enthusiast and starts every day with a workout and La Republica Mushroom Coffee.



       Ian Harrison is one of the founders of La Republica Coffee. He also founded Creme De Canna,                   the first medical marijuana ice cream company and storefront featured on CNN and Fox                             News. He is obsessed with morning routines, optimizing performance, and is now experimenting w           with a sugar-free, low-oxalate, anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine diet. He takes what he learns             and turns it into products that improve everyone’s health.